What is Kunlun System®?

What is Kunlun System®?

Kunlun System® is an ancient, secret method of spiritual awakening. Kunlun is a reset process that is a part of your body already. When you do the method you activate that process. Whatever your body determines you need to do to realign your natural energy flow, will happen.

The position you take tunes/harmonizes your body with the one law or sympathetic vibration. You know you have attained it when you feel joyful, blissful and loving. The love aspect of the human being is the expression of the one law.

What this practice does, is to awaken a divine bliss feeling in the practitioner. It can be compared to a mild orgasm except that it is not sexual in nature.

This bliss expands as it rises and it is this process that raises your vibrational rate. At this higher vibration, emotional blocks and mental illusions dispel. Sometimes they are forcefully released and other times it is a smooth experience. Whatever you are holding can be let go of, but only if you are ready to be done with it.

When a block is released it creates a new channel for this bliss energy. When you practice regularly you can access and clear new levels of deep set tension like moving through layers of an onion.

As you become more clear, you become more magnetic.

You can then learn to project this energy outward to help heal others or you can chose to simply bask in your own empty radiance. In this state, knowledge comes as if recalling a memory. There is no effort but to follow your feeling.

It is different for everyone.

It can be a very smooth, blissful process as well. Any initial shaking, movements, emotional release, etc., is just you doing what you need to do to “right the ship.”

You are in control the whole time and you can go as deep as you want or keep it very light.

Once you learn this practice, you do have to deal with what comes next for you. There is no question you will start to change. The practice will continue to work to clear you, but some changes might be difficult for people. You will have to face the parts of yourself you might not want to see. This is the great challenge on the path and the reason why so many give up.

Of course, grounding the energy afterward is very important.

This practice can open up the higher levels of understanding that would be very difficult to access alone. Not to mention the health benefits and the minor abilities that can be developed.

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