Details: DETAILS of What is taught at Kunlun System® seminar

WEEKLY Kunlun System® MEETUP IN NEW JERSEY at 10-11:30 AM

With interest from few people looking to start a session Soon in New York City

We meet every Saturday 10AM – 11:30 Am to practice Kunlun System®, Tai Chi.

Weekly NJ Meetup Group: You can join our group on to view our schedules.

Kunlun™ weekly meetup: Kunlun System® Group is for members who have taken a Kunlun™ training or are interested in taking it. This group is intended as a resource for you to meet and practice with in New Jersey.

Yoga/Meditation weekly meetup in Fords, NJ (Central New Jersey): We will teach you how to meditate, relax using Hatha Yoga, and gain control over your life. We hope you come weekly, practice and leave meetings with feeling relaxed. We start with  Yoga exercise, meditation and end with Spiritual discussions. [:D]