Hi my name is Jas. I have been studying spiritual practices since I was very little. My grandfather taught me with a story every day. A story that stick with me is about Buddha- How not to accept others Anger

During my life journey I came across Zen and Tibetan Buddhism which has helped and shape me. From my Zen background, I practice and share the idea of SIMPLICITY: Keep practices very simple. No dogma, no scholarly mind, Books and Scriptures, discussions / debates about philosophy. Eat a strawberry or pizza with a Gusto “Emmmm” Thats Zen!

What ever I am and know is truly due to teachers that have blessed me with the jewels! May they continue to keep teaching me. My bows to all my teachers.

Sensei Mui
My Zen Sensei is Stefano Mui Barragato of treetopzencenter.org. What ever little i know of Zen is from his guidance. Zazen – Zen meditation: Read about it. His book “Zen Light” is truly a touching book that spoke to my heart.

In 2007 I was introduced to Kunlun System® and I found it to be an amazing practice. I was able to see and feel things that I had only read in books. After a free talk seminar I knew it was for me. Now I make sure I encourage everyone to at least try it.

My Kunlun teacher is Sifu Max. Max Christensen also known by various names including Ching Fung Dao Shr (Chinese Taoist). My practices of KUNLUN, Red Phoenix and Mao Shan five elements qi gong are blessings from Max’s heart and love. I cannot thank enough Max for everything he has given to all of us.

Max Christensen
His website: Primordialalchemist.com

I am a certified Kunlun Apprentice and I have been practicing Kunlun since May 2008.


I hold Kunlun System®  seminars every month in New York / New Jersey and weekly meetings in Fords NJ. I also offer private sessions/seminars if you can not make it to weekly meetings.


I also study with Sifu Jenny LambSpontaneous Qigong Formless Form

Some of the practices that I have learned from her and I share with you are:

  • Tapping Qigong
  • Strike wall with back

Please visit her website for more information: http://easterninternalarts.com/

“Shen Wu Dao … Way of the Spiritual Warrior”
My Qi Gong teacher is Seifu Chris.  His website The practices of “Yi Jin Jing” and “Ba Dua Jin” that I share with you are from him.


One of his teachers was Master Jou. who wrote an excellent book “The Dao of Taijiquan – way to rejuvenation”. Read about it.