A spiritual practice that can give give you a taste of BLISS. Its open to everyone no strict dogma, no rules – simply close you eyes, connect with the Divine Source, dancing with the music and letting your body relax and be blissful. A practice that will complement any spiritual practice that you do today.

The name “Kunlun System®”  has been given to this practice by our teacher Max Christensen “to signify the top of the head the flowering of awakening. it’s not martial art it’s becoming joyful loving and helping others.” Kunlun is a mountain range between China and Tibet that is sacred to Taoists. There is a martial arts or Tao style with name of Kunlun, but this practice is not related to that school, rather it comes from Mao Shan school.

“One Hour of Kunlun is Equivalent to
One hundred Years of Sitting Meditation Practice.”

Kunlun System is an ancient, secret method of spiritual awakening. Kunlun System  is a reset process that is a part of your body already. When you do the method you activate that process. Whatever your body determines you need to do to realign your natural energy flow, will happen.

The position you take tunes/harmonizes your body with the one law or sympathetic vibration. You know you have attained it when you feel joyful, blissful and loving. The love aspect of the human being is the expression of the one law.

This treasure of re-enlightenment is composed of three basic levels of breathing.

  • The first level opens the body’s nervous system, which is comprised of 72,000 nerves or nadis. The result of this opening is the awakening of the golden dragon, or magnetic body.
  • The second level involves breath retention practice that generates and circulates the body’s magnetic field, removes impurities and awakens the brain’s dormant potentials
  • The third level composes of the  “waterfall” meditation that brings the practitioner back to the physical level of being.  This part is for calming and relaxing the body, mind and spirit of a person.

The end result of Kunlun system is to awaken the practitioner’s magnetic potentials, the “bliss-body”, the expression of the dormant potential of the mind, and to understand the one law that governs all matter, energy, and form.

This practice is not written in any form.  It is an oral tradition and must be transferred from teacher to student by a “mind-to-mind” form of initiation. There are hidden keys given to the practitioner after each level of practice is mastered.
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